finally happy with my party :’)

finally happy with my party :’)


i can’t set foot in panera

i blinked and my contact disappeared h o w

how much stripe is Too much Stripe

how much stripe is Too much Stripe

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today this girl said fuck you to me when i told her i chose bulbsaur. thats it thats the story

>ur pokemon is confused

>finally attacks


actually im mostly still mad that she called ron and hermione wish fulfillment but im also mad cuz ginny and dean did canonically date like that wasnt even dumbledores weird ambiguously gay thing like this woman is so Bullshit

ok that whole “jk rowling said she was gonna make seamus and dean gay but couldnt find time” pisses me off so much i saw it like this morning and im still pissed off u kno how long the order of the phoenix is its like 500 pages like what the fuck one sentence of ginny being like o ya harry sux my last bf turned out to b gay is Too Many Words

i was at like ten percent when i started printing what the fuck my battery life is like 4 hr right so it tooki like. 40 min to print two sheets of paper i hate printers im so angry